County officer among the three killed in Nyamira accident

Nyamira County Police Base commander Hassan Osman has confirmed the demise of at least three people in Nyamira County following a fatal accident that occurred this morning. The accident involved a lorry, car and motorbike at Sironga area, along Nyamira-Kericho Highway. Among those killed was the Nyamira County employee and two boda boda riders. The […]


Police kills a reveler in Kisii county

A police  officer  alleged to have murdered a reveler at a Kisii pub has been arrested. It’s alleged  that  the  suspect, Joseph  Mauti entered  into one  of the  bars  in Itumbe, Kisii county  and threatened  customers saying he was  going  to shoot  an individual. According  to the  Bar  attendant,  Vincent  Mogire  who reported  the  matter,  the  […]


Well-wishers making it hard for Kisii government to get rid of street children

  By Gilbert Kobi Director of administration, Kisii municipality, Ojwang Mengo has said that well-wishers who usually give money and other goodies to street children are making it hard for the administration to flush the kids out of the town. The administrator says the kids have made the town’s CBD their centre of operation and […]


Kenya, Nordic Countries Collaborate on Climate Change

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) in partnership with Nordic Countries have launched a Green Hub to address climate change challenges affecting the country. The Nordic Countries, mainly Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, will provide technological knowledge and innovations to facilitate a low dependency on carbon-based fuels and demonstrate decoupling economic growth from CO2 emissions. Finland’s […]


Riders blamed for increased bribery

Bodaboda riders have been largely identified as a group notorious for giving out bribes to police officers to escape prosecutions for traffic related offences in Kenya. Speaking in a sensitization meeting organized by the Ethics and anti-corruption commission and the riders’ leaders recently, Nyanza south region’s deputy director Mr. Arthur Opili said that the transport […]