Embu university to establish an innovation centre

The University of Embu is in the process of establishing an innovation centre that will help in supporting new, innovative ideas.

The centre is expected to also provide solutions to the problems the society face.

Dr. Milca Nyaga, a lecturer at the Psychology department at the university said they would partner with the Embu County Government and other stakeholders to establish the multi-million facility.

She said the centre will try and find solutions facing Agriculture, health, forestry, energy among other sectors.

“Residents will also be trained on new innovations to be at par with others across the world, they will also be allowed to benchmark at the centre so as to embrace the ideas in their areas of work,” she said.

She was speaking during an innovations workshop that was organized by the International Innovation Development Network (IIDN) that brought together farmers, teachers, health practitioners among others where they showcased various innovations that they have developed.

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The stakeholders  called on the government to come up with programmes to help innovators as well as establish more research institutes.

They said most brilliant ideas that would make major impacts in the country go unearthed due to financial problems.

At the workshop, Joseph Munene of Caritas, the development arm of the Catholic Church, Embu branch highlighted how some farmers are crushing red pepper and mixing with ash to kill the fall army worm that attacks maize.

“We have more of these ideas which need to be developed further to major innovations that can be used to solve our problem. It is cheaper and affordable to the common man,” he said.

Karl Heinze, a representative from IIDN emphasized on the need of local empowerment.

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