Alarm as students are lured to the Coast by a stranger

With growing number of abductions and murders, two students from a local school in Nyamira County assumed it never happened and travelled all the way to Malindi to meet a person who they only met through a mismatch of contacts months ago.

They were allegedly lured by the stranger from their home in West Mugirango during the August holidays.

One of the girls was going to meet the stranger, whose contact she got after mismatching a mobile phone number of her boyfriend (Wicky) who allegedly resides in Nakuru County. She lured her colleague, a classmate to escort her to the South Coast Town, 873 kilometers away.

They narrated their ordeal when this reporter traced them to their school, Kianungu P.A.G secondary school in Nyamira South Sub County.

Rose, not her real name, said that she mismatched her village boyfriend number in April when making a call to him after he had left the village for Nakuru. She says she was shocked when the man on the other end of the phone was not her boyfriend as the voice was very unfamiliar, leave alone him being in Malindi.

After four months of communication, Rose, a form three student, agreed to meet the man in Malindi and on 12th August, she and her colleague were set to the Coast. The man had told Rose to go along with a female friend, who could be a guest to the man’s friend.

On that Sunday 12th, they boarded a bus in Kisii town, a direct ride to Mombasa. They arrived in Mombasa the following day at around 11. a.m.

Rose said, they took another ride to Malindi, to the town where the man she met through mistaken call resided. The ride took them close to three hours to their second destination.

In Malindi, Rose said the man they met was not the one they expected to meet, he looked ugly and shabby.

According to them, they turned the advances of the man after he requested them to follow him to unknown place.

“That’s not the man I expected to meet. His looks were not proportional to his charming voice I could hear on phone for almost four months,” Rose said.

Missing their target, the two girls were now stranded 900 kilometers away from home, without a single penny in their pockets to afford their fare back, let alone meals.

They started loitering around the town oblivious of the dangers associated with the city like abduction, radicalization and murders which has hit the country of recent.

A good Samaritan, a kamba lady, spotted them. She took them to her house and offered them shelter and food for that evening after interrogating them. She promised to connect them to a Kisii man -a police officer based in Malindi, who could help them get to their homes with the assistance of the police.

They say they managed to escape from the ‘ghost’ miraculously and vowed to stick to their studies.

They were handed to the police officer on Tuesday 14th at around 7 pm at Kisumu Ndogo and advised them to report the matter at the Malindi police station where they were ‘arrested’ and detained in the station that night. They were handed over to the Malindi children’s department for further interrogation. The department sent a signal to the Nyamira county counterparts where a search from the parents began and parents notified accordingly.

They were remanded in the Malindi juvenile remand for two weeks before they were handed to their parents on5th September by Hon. J.N. Wandi, resident magistrate, Malindi law courts.

Their cases were recorded as P&C CASE NO.20 and 2 OF 2018 respectively at the Malindi Law Courts.

The court ordered that the two students be handed over to their parents and that they be placed under the supervision of the children’s officer for one year.

They are to report to the Nyamira South sub-county children’s officer at every end of the month for one year.

This comes in a wake of mysterious abductions and murder of women which has locked the country in the last one month.

Sharon Otieno who was 7 months pregnant was abducted on 6th September and her mutilated body discovered in Kodera forest a day later. Migori governor Okoth Obado and several other people have since been detained over the gruesome murder. Otieno was a student at the Rongo University during his death.

Other 2 deaths followed after Sharon’s where a 9 year old pupil, Maribel Kapolon was abducted and her lifeless body found dumped in a thicket in Meru. Her mother is a judge. Suspects linked to her death are being held by the police to aid in investigations. Alvina Moracha, a candidate in Sengera SDA secondary in Kisii County was murdered and her body dumped in a fish pond near her home.

Nyamira county coordinator for children services Mr. Samwel Masese urged the parents to take their roles and monitor their children while they are on holiday and how their use the social media and technology.

“It’s disturbing to note that children can leave to a far away town just to meet a stranger, these are the cases that end badly, our parents should monitor their children during the holidays and also regulate the use of social media platforms has it has led to many mysterious deaths”, noted Masese.

Similar sentiments were echoed by the school principal Mr. Cosmas Nyabuti who noted that, “parents have always had excuses of not having enough for their children therefore exposing them to unforeseen dangers”.

Masese noted that Gusii region has 28 more related cases of school children being lured to the Coast top meet strangers who later abuse them sexually and dump them only to be rescued by good Samaritans.

“We have had 28 similar cases in the larger Gusii region where our children are lured by strangers through social media and are later sexually abused and dumped by the strangers, our parents should take time to counsel their children”, he added.

By Dan Nyamanga

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